Green Propaganda gone wrong

Green Propaganda gone wrongI came across a Green party newsletter in the mailbox the other day, always good for a laugh I thought to myself as I flicked through it, but to my horror, I saw on the 3rd page this picture!!

Now as a normal kiwi parent who has been indoctrinated in the ways of the meddling after nine years of socialist governments certain things jumped out at me.

Straight away where the hell is the fire guard around that fire? My God, there is a child under the age of 4 playing right next to it!!! The Dad (if he is in fact the father) has his (is it really his) baby (held securely) perched on his knee less than an arms reach away from the top of the fire, one moments inattention, and this is a disaster waiting to happen!!

Also, the woodbasket is way to close to the fire, looks like wicker to me, highly flammable!!

Not to mention the fact that there are two children ALONE with two males. Don’t you know all men are rapists, child beaters and kiddy fiddlers.

And about the fire. Please explain to me how this is carbon neutral, sustainable or Earth friendly in any way.

All this coming from the same people who are trying to tell us how to raise our kids, and oh no, dont give them a smack if they are naughty, but hey let them burn themselves and horribly disfigure themselves for life, thats ok according to this Green Party leaflet!!