Greens deny conflict of interest over firm

Greens deny conflict of interest over firmA taxpayer-funded Green Party pre-Budget brochure promoted a company in which its “Green Futures” superannuation scheme is a shareholder without disclosing the interest. The brochure on the party’s jobs stimulus package “Green… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Greens have always been hypocrites. Back when Project Aqua was proposed the Greens vociferously opposed the project. At the time they were promoting with great vigour wind techonology. Jeantte Fitzsimons was also a large shareholder in Windflow Technology the company that the Greens currently have shares in. Don’t forget the recent by-election where Wellington candidate Russel Norman was extolling the virtues of public transport all the while boosting his carbon footprint by living in Wellington and campaigning in Auckland.

The Greens have also promoted loudly their home insulation package and again Jeanette Fitzsimons has been a beneficiary of the change in direction heralded by that programme. She holds Fletcher Building shares. I wonder if the Green Futures Superannuation scheme now also holds Fletcher Building shares.

It could be argued that it was disclosed but you actually have to go looking for the linkages. For the incredibly dim, Fletcher Building is New Zealands largest manufacturer of home insulation products.