Herald Editorial: Everyone wins from sale of state houses

Editorial: Everyone wins from sale of state housesTenants of state houses will shortly be given an opportunity to buy them. Housing Minister Phil Heatley has announced that houses will be offered to tenants at market valuations from September and Housing New Zealand will use the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Of course it is a win/win scenario, except for the plonkers in Labour and the Greens.

This news has been greeted with predictable disapproval from Labour, the Green Party and various advocacy groups who claim to be concerned for people in urgent need of a state house. Their preferred solution seems to be to spend whatever it takes to house everyone who cannot afford to buy a home.

On Friday I posted the video of Phil Heatley ripping Goff a new one over his hypocrisy on state houses. DPF has finally caught up on that.

The policy looks to be good for the tenants, good for their neighbourhood, good for those waiting for a state house, good for the taxpayer, the building industry and the economy. Good for everyone, in fact, except those who live on constituencies of state dependence.

Ouch, that i a stab at the socialists, the last sentence. New Zealand surely needs to wake up to exact problem that for more than 50 years successive governments have bred and indeed encouraged state dependence at the expense of individual self reliance.