Herald Editorial: Govt mustn't give way on league tables

Editorial: Govt mustn’t give way on league tablesState educationists go to extraordinary lengths to resist the ranking of schools in what they disparagingly call “league tables”. The Primary Principals Federation says its members might refuse to file results of new national standards… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour are sure picking some strange fights.

Trevor Mallard has decided that he and Labour must protect at all costs the reputations and honour of loyal unionists and fight the release of information school performance in National Standards Tests.

Educationists, in other words, are not looking at tests in the same way that parents do. The professionals, in so far as they accept comparative measurements, want to know the school is performing well enough for one in its social situation. Caring parents want to know their child is in a good school.

League tables are a perfectly legitimate tool from the parents’ point of view. A good school for their child is one where high standards are maintained and if the pupils come with advantages, so much the better. If some schools have to work harder than others to bring most of their pupils to the desired standards, so be it. Parents want results.

Exactly. DPF points out though how we might usefully implement Trevor’s suggestion across all of the State Sector. Trevor must really, really hate being in opposition, never mind though he will have at least three terms to come to grips with his feelings of loathing for the opposition benches.

Labour and their union buddies just keep on choosing battles they cannot possibly win, and long may that continue.