Honeygate – Exposing the lies of the Pimp

Now that the Mt Albert by-election has finished we can concentrate on the mendacity of Phil Goff and the lies he has told in peddling his story to the media and his role in pimping out Mrs Choudary.

We all know now that Phil Goff was supposed to have acted as some sort of sexual harrassment counsellor for Neelam Choudary. Neelam Choudary herself was protrayed as an innocent victim when she was far from that all along. There is now archive footage of Neelam Choudary in train with Helen Clark on the election trail last year. You simply don’t get to be in the entourage of any campaigning leader let alone the Prime Minister unless you are considered a top activist.

More information is continually coming to light about this woman as well, through the tipline. I thank those who are doing their duty in exposing the lies of Phil Goff.

Mr Goff has also gone out of his way to describe Mrs Choudary as some sort of demure, innocent who has been affronted by Richard Worth’s predatory actions. Phil Goff later went on to describe her as “strikingly attractive” and thus directly leading me to discover her identity. However matters of public record record a different Mrs Choudary than the one described by Phil Goff.

On Koro Tawa’s website for his campaign in Botany she is described as;

Neelam ChoudaryIt is an enormous strength to the campaign to be joined with two significant identities and representatives of the community, each of whom will make a valuable contribution in engaging with the constituents of Botany……

……Neelam Choudary has established an enormously strong network in the Indian community, and has consulted widely accross many of  India’s top business and political leaders.

Hardly the description of some wilting violet under pressure from a Government Minister to put out for a job. We also know too that she stood in the selection for Botany for Labour. It is inconceivable that Phil Goff hardly knew this woman. That is her pictured above with List MP Raymond Huo.

On Thursday night Mr Goff said he had met Kumar Choudary only once. I wonder if Mr Goff woud like to tell us where that was? My information suggests that this is also a lie by Mr Goff. So far every piece of information I have published on this story has been highly accurate. Would Mr Goff like clarify?

He would not say whether he knew he had been found guilty of immigration fraud, but said that did not affect the credibility of the complainant.

Further, yesterday on Radio Live a caller directly put the question to Mr Goff about his knowledge of Mrs Choudary and her fraudster husband. That caller has sent me an email about the converstation;

Today on Radio Live Phil Goff told me he did NOT know anything about the charges Neelam Choudary’s husband Kumar Choudary – faced at the time he {Goff} advised her she should take a support person along to her first meeting with Dr Richard Worth on 26 November 2008.

And yet at that time he knew that Neelan Choudary had missed out on the Labour Party nomination for the seat of Botany – due in large part to the fact that serious charges involving immigration scams had been laid against her husband – and she was implicated in them (see NZ Herald story 8/12/08). Labour Party hierarchy knew about this shocking scam. Kumar was facing a looming case in the Auckland District Court the week after he accompanied his wife to meet Dr Worth. In the end he stayed in the car in the car park.

So we now have the situation where almost every thing that Phil Goff has told us, save the identity of the woman has been demonstrably false, now we are suposed to believe on 26 November – the time of the meeting – that Neelan’s close confident [pimp] Phil Goff knew nothing about the criminal charges her husband faced.