Honeygate: More questions for Goff

Honey Trap eateryIf Neelam Choudary was so scared of Richard Worth, how come she kept having little coffee dates with him until at least Friday 27 March?

That’s when Whaleoil’s spies saw them together, happy and comfortable in each other’s presence, chatting about India, at Circus Circus Cafe, 447 Mount Eden Road, Auckland.

Phil Goff has many questions to answer and answer them he must because this whole honey trap is atarting to stink like a crate of week old scampi.

Questions for Goff:

1) Did he know about the coffee date on Friday 27 March at Circus Circus, 447 Mt Eden Road, Auckland?

2) Did he know about other coffee dates?

3) Did he ask Neelam Choudary to set up this or other coffee dates?

4) Did she report back to him what was said?

5) When did Neelam Choudary stop having coffee dates with Richard Worth?