I have to make myself more public: Phil Goff

I have to make myself more public: Phil GoffAt the end of our hour together, Phil Goff said, “Do you think you covered everything you wanted to cover?” I asked if he had covered everything he had wanted to cover. I was genuinely interested in his answer because I would have… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is a mirth inducing interview with Phil Goff in the Herald today. Michele Hewitson is known for making politicians look like plonkers and she again succeeds with Phil Goff.

One thing he is known for is giving horribly long answers to questions, even to questions that haven’t been asked. There is an old joke about him in the Radio New Zealand newsroom which goes like this: Phil Goff has never missed a deadline. “Ha, ha, I haven’t heard that one. I’ve always fronted up to media.”

Oh right, either Phil Goff has an extremely poor memory or he is a liar. Just two weeks ago he refused to front up to Close Up because he would have had to have shared the studio with me.

Phil Goff also dig himself deeper into the honey trap and shows he was complicit in its execution.

We got into a circular argument over why he called the Labour Party woman at the centre of the row “strikingly beautiful”. I want to know why on earth he said it; he can’t see what my problem is. He says it was absolutely relevant because “that was one of the things that made her attractive to Dr Worth”. It still seems to me to be a peculiar thing to say, and I say I can’t imagine Helen Clark saying it. “She might have.”

Right. So to put that in context you need to listen to this audio of an interview with Phil Goff on Radio Live on 12 June.

Phil Goff tells a different story about the first meeting of Neelam Choudary. Goff says he didn’t know that Neelam Choudary’s husband was facing fraud charges yet at this point he would have known that Neelam Choudary was a failed candidate in the Botany selection and he for sure would have known why she was a failed candidate in the Botany selection. That suggests that Phil Goff is being less than completely honest about his knowledge of the background of Neelam Choudary and of her convicted fraudster husband.

Secondly he says that he states the reason he gave the advice to Choudary to take someone with her to the first ever meeting with Richard Worth was because “if a minister wants to have a private meeting and is offering a job to somebody he knows is the opposition’s camp, I thought fairly early on that there might be an ulterior motive, I didn’t have any evidence for that, but I suggested, actually I would have suggested that she took somebody into the meeting with her, unfortunately she didn’t do that, I think that was for her own protection I made that reccommendation”.

That is a fairly long answer and as Michele Hewitson puts it, “One thing he is known for is giving horribly long answers to questions, even to questions that haven’t been asked.”

And that is precisely what Phil Goff has done to his detriment. He inadvertantly tells us that a) he knew about this sting “fairly early on”, b) He talks about a job offer when the alleged affidavit tells us that the job offer was made at this meeting and not before, which leaves c) that knowing Richard Worth’s penchant for sleeping with asian ladies he set up this honey trap.

Phil Goff has lied to the media about his and his offices involvement with Neelam choudary, he has lied to the public. Not one of his stories has ever added up with any one of his previous stories.

I am not convinced at all that any such job offer was necessarily made or if it was that this was the main reason for the meeting. Dr Worth had only just been appointed Minister of Internal Affairs on 19 November and this meeting took place on 26 November. He would probably not even have known at that time what positions were available on the Lotteries Board or Ethnic Affairs Board. Such offers would only have been exploratory anyway as the Minister himself cannot act alone on such matters.

JOIN THE DOTS…Kumar Choudary stayed in the car park because it would not be a good look to have a person who is a Labour Party activist and Goff’s friend (note he didn’t deny that she was his friend) whose husband faced criminal fraud charges; having a meeting in a public place with a Minister to seek advice.

it is highly likely that Phil Goff as Neelam Choudary’s friend knew about the charges Kumar faced and it is very probable that Neelam was seeking advice from Dr Worth on matters relating to her husband (Internal Affairs deals with passports, permits etc). Kumar Choudary could have faced deportation once convicted and this would have weighed heavily on his wife’s mind. Neelam Choudary sought Goff’s advice as to who she should seek help from re: her husband. Phil Goff knew that Dr Worth had influence and could be persuaded if the woman applicant – shall we say – showed a bit of leg and cleavage!

Clearly Phil Goff pimped out Neelam Choudary and then used her to score political points. Phil Goff needs to come clean about the despicable way in which he used a woman to get at a minister, then kept quiet about it until it suited his political purposes and then leaked the details to the media so it would appear that John Key made it public.

So far Richard Worth is guilty of nothing more than cheating on his wife and God knows there isn’t a politician in the world that hasn’t done that. Phil Goff has done much worse, he has dragged the Labour Party and politics in general to a new low. We all thought that we couldn’t go lower in standards than that which Helen Clark set but Phil Goff’s standards of behaviour are positively subterranean.