Is Goff Mrs Choudary's Pimp?

There are three articles and posts today that are starting to paint the picture that Mrs Choudary may have been pimped out by Mr Goff.

The first is David Farrar’s timeline at NBR. This timeline make it implausible for Mr Goff’s contentions to hold true and highly likely that Mr Goff was in fact the instigator of Mrs Choudary meeting with Dr. Worth in the first instance.

Matthew Hooton has an article in the NBR that once again is not online so I had to walk up to the stationers again, in the rain!

A picture is emerging that Mr Goff and the woman he colluded with, Neelam Choudary, were not the innocent victim and noble defender they pretended.  Instead, the probability is growing that they have engaged in something which, if not quite a honey trap, was something similar.  This would represent a new low in New Zealand politics.

  Mr Goff never hid Mrs Choudary’s membership of the Labour Party but he did imply she had only recent and low-level involvement.  Moreover, Mrs Choudary was apparently a shy, retiring type, terrified of publicity, and deeply traumatised by what were described as sexually-explicit texts from Dr Worth.  This all turns out to be nonsense.

  Mrs Choudary is in fact a feisty, modern woman and a prominent party activist.  In 2008, she sought election to Parliament presumably on the grounds she was strong enough to hold government ministers, including Dr Worth, to account.  She is now an important organiser in the Mt Albert campaign of Mr Goff’s close friend, David Shearer.

  What’s more, when Mr Goff released a selection of the texts – presumably those most damaging to Dr Worth – they turned out to be too tame for Mills & Boon let alone Hustler.  Mr Goff is also surely having us on when he says he’s scandalised that Mr Worth uses Gen Y’s annoying text message signature, “xxx

Matthew Hooton goes on to explore the strange occurence of Mrs Choudary, if she was so traumatised by Dr Worth, happily had coffee with him as recently as March 27 at Mt Eden’s popular Circus Circus Cafe. He as is usual with the media these days didn’t acknowledge this blog as the source for that little titbit.

Finally John Armstrong says that Goff has overplayed his hand.

You know it is a cold day in hell when Phil Goff declines an invitation to speak on the radio.

Few politicians more overtly hunger for media coverage than the Labour leader. So Goff’s no-show on yesterday’s Morning Report has to be seen as an admission that the Richard Worth affair has ended up biting him.

Indeed, Mr Goff has serious questions that only he can answer;


  • Did Mrs Choudary act to entrap, on instruction from Mr Goff, Richard Worth?
  • Did Phil Goff know about this relationship before he states and what was his role?
  • Did he really want the texts to stop or did he lie to the media about his role?
  • Why was this released in the middle of the Mt Albert by election?
  • Where is his evidence of “vulgar and sexually explicit” phone calls? Or is this another lie?


Phil Goff has also accused individuals “with close links to the National Party” of pressuring Ms Choudary to “shut up”, and said there was a deliberate attempt to undermine her. Where is the evidence of this, or is this just another Goff lie? I reiterate, I think Richard Worth should resign, i am in no way condoning his apalling behaviour through all of these issues.

The actuality of the case thouh, is that the only pressure has come on from representatives of Mrs Choudary to hush up the fraud victims.

Those three articles though, all point to the fact that Phil Goff has known about and orchestrated this whole set of events including possibly pimping out Mrs Choudary to Dr Worth as some form of entrapment.