Is Lianne Dalziel running for Mayor of Christchurch?

The tipline has been running hot. Loyal informers are suggesting that Lianne Dalziel is soon to announce her candidacy for the Mayoralty of Christchurch.

Fair play to her if she does, going from cabinet minister to opposition is pretty soul destroying, and the word is there are a number of other former ministers looking for exit options. Despite being kicked out for lying, the socialist republic of christchurch may vote for someone of dubious ethics if she bribes them enough.

The big question for Lianne is not whether she will run for mayor, but if she will resign before she does run, following the party line of the tactical Labour MPs attacking Sam Lotu-Iiga for staying on the Auckland City Council and being an MP. The whale is going to love bashing any future Labour MP that doesn’t immediately resign from a council, or if they try running for council as an MP and will constantly bring up the really dumb press release put out by Carol beaumont, Su’a William Sio & Carmel Sepuloni calling for Sam’s resignation.

In fact if Lianne does stand for mayor without resigning she could face a horde of black and white whales chasing her around Christchurch demanding she resigns. Not a great way to run a campaign, but poetic justice after the stupid tactics her dumb juniors have adopted in Auckland.

Carol, Sio & Carmel, you have made a massive strategic mistake, and it wont be forgotten. Labour have a long history of using council as a training ground for future MPs, so your stupidity will reap a grim harvest.