I had a call today from Mike Earley after he was accosted by Police sicced on him by JetStar staff upset with him taking photos of them and uploading to Twitter. The Police sided with Mike BTW.

Mike was quite angry. He has just been denied access to a flight along with about 30 others even though they checked in on time. Mike is certain that security camera footage will show they were well within the time limits to check in. What made matters worse for Mike was that people queued behind him were allowed onto the flight and his group weren’t.

When Mike asked for the manager the fool behind the counter announced that he was and after listening to Mike decided there was nothing he could do. When Mike told him he was going to the media the manager foolishly dared him to.

Little did the fool Jetstar manager know that Mike was also tweeting this and now someone has set up a Facebook group. True to his word also, mike got the Herald to turn up at the airport inside half an hour and it is now starting to appear on other websites.

Jetstar is about to find out what happens when you piss off social media junkies.