Jetstar off to a flyer

If there was an award for stupid PR then Jetstar would win hands down with daylight to second place. This month has seen their brand destroyed all because one fool at Auckland Airport dared Mike Earley to go to the press. What the soon to be unemployed fool didn’t know was that Mike is a child of the now and he had gone first to the blogs then onto twitter before it even got to the press. By the time Jetstar even thought about press releases they had copped a flogging online for two straight days. It is now day 8 of their humiliation and still they have not apologised.

Their MO has been blame, accuse, and lie. The Herald editorial gives them a lecture on how they should conduct business, this is perhaps unprecedented for such a new business. Other businesses are slamming home the advantage. Air NZ rescued 50 passengers on friday, and Pacific Blue made at least 4 announcements on my flight to Wellington thanking us for flying Pacific Blue and mocking Jetstar as a carrier that doesn’t carry.

The final ignominy for any new business in a competitive environment is to be mocked on a Tui billboard. Jetstar hasn’t even been going a month and they made it to Tui.

Tui, Jetstar FAIL!