Key defers meeting with second complainant

Key defers meeting with second complainantPolitics and protocol have intervened to prevent a meeting between Prime Minister John Key and an Indian woman who claims she was subjected to vulgar phone calls and text messages from MP Richard Worth. The woman said the messages… [NZ Herald Politics]

What is more interesting about John Key defering a meeting is two other things.

The audacity of Phil “Chicken” Goff calling John Key a chicken for not yet meeting the Labour party member who squealed months ago to him that he kept secret for 6 months and for Phil Goff’s somewhat strange comment that she;

was strikingly beautiful

What is that supposed to mean? I know compared to his previous leader and the current bunch of fuglies in the Labour caucus she probably is but come on, how believable is it for a “strikingly beautiful” woman to want to get a leg over with a low ranking minister who is over 60?

Richard Worth is simply an inept feely fingers, but he has gone too far in linking jobs to sexual favours. Phil Goff however is seriously over-egging the pudding and serious questions must be raised about his ability to lead Labour. It is also simply pathetic to call john Key a chicken when it was he who wouldn’t front on Close Up.