Labour soiled by its own muck

The DomPost editorial has picked up on the role of Phil Goff in pimping out Neelam Choudary in their elabiorate sting operation to firstly get Richard Worth then John Key.

Labour has continued with the muck raking in the house today by continuing to focus on the Richard Worth affair.

The known facts suggest Mr Goff overstated Dr Worth’s sins in an attempt to besmirch his reputation and, by association, that of his leader, John Key. In doing so he has damaged his own reputation by showing he is prepared to throw political muck.

Actually the known facts show time and again Phil Goff has lied about Neelam Choudary and her husband and what he knew when.

Phil Goff jumped in boots and all and milked this situation for all it was worth (excuse the pun). The facts of his involvement won’t go away despite Richard Worth falling on his sword. There is much more to this story and slowly but surely I am piecing the evidence together.