Labour's Honey trap revealed

Labour has been running a honey trap against Richard Worth. That much has become apparent as time has moved on with Phil Goff running massive interference and playing the long game.

Today Brian Rudman all but outed the alleged victim. I say alleged because as you are about to find out this woman is hardly the kind to hide her light under a bushel.

Let’s look at what we have been able to garner so far.

  1. She is strikingly attractive. Phil Goff’s description.
  2. Indian
  3. Labour Party member (although this is an exceedingly conservative description)
  4. Tried to gain selection for Labour in an Auckland seat.
  5. Received more than 100 pieces of communication (yet to be proffered in evidence)she stood for candidacy in Botany (matches Rudman’s description), Indian, strikingly attractive as well

Let’s examine those 5 known points, in no particular order. The 100 texts/messages…WTF…she must have been replying…..indeed from the Herald article this morning it is clear that Richard Worth was replying to some texts in return. Until those messages are furnished then this increasingly looks like a honey trap.

The next things to look at are the strikingly attractive, Indian, Labour party member and standing for selection but missing out in 2008.

Strikingly AtractiveThere is only one person who fits that profile. That is party activist and wannabe candidate Neelam Choudary. She stood for selection in Botany in 2008 after I harpooned Brenden Sheehan out of the candidacy. She has numerous photos of her in attendence with Helen Clark, Phil Goff, Rajen Prasad and other MP’s as well I have been sent a photo of her attending a Labour Party organised protest march on the supercity. She is also friends with Jordan Carter and Carmel Sepuloni.

Phil Goff needs to come clean now about the motivation of this woman sending and receiving 100 of texts/messages over a period of months, all the while Phil Goff also knew about it and kept it quiet.  Remember we have 60 txts and 40 phone conversations. noone has 40 phone conversations if they think they are lewd and offensive. Notwithstanding the fact that Richard Worth is a sleaze and a sex pest and should be sacked, we now know that this woman is no ordinary Labour Party member, she is in fact an active and known potential candidate.

It now appears that Labour have run a deliberate and calculated honey trap to catch Richard Worth out. Richard Worth also fit the profile as the intended target because he is a serial rooter. It was simply a matter of time before something else came out and it looks like Labour held onto this until something else related about Richard Worth broke into the news. That way they could insert their honey trap with much more credibility.

Sure Worth is a plonker but that is why Labour ran this sting, they knew they could get him. They just didn’t count on him being dumber than a sack of hammers but smart enough to make sure the texts sounded innocuous. If Phil Goff had anthing salacious he would have used it already not merely released invitations to go swiming and travel to Goa.

Whilst the accusations from the so far un-named Korean woman are undergoing Police investigation we will have to reserve judgment there, but as it stands, the Phil Goff orchestrated honey trap can now be called as a Labour sting.

Finally on the note of Phil Goff’s description, I’ve seen worse, but “strikingly beautiful”?

Still, compared to Clark, Tizard or Kate Sutton ….