Labour's Mata Hari has history

According to National Party sources, Neelam Choudary, has approached numerous National MP’s with camera in hand asking to have a photo taken with them and unprompted made light of her Labour party affiliation and said “but we are all friends around here”.

There are unconfirmed reports that she also made specific requests of National MPs an introduction to John Key, non of these requests for introduction have been as explicit as Phil Goff’s request, on her behalf, for a meeting with the most popular Prime Minister in living history.

Further Whaleoil can now reveal that Neelam Choudary has been an integral part of the Daivid Shearer campaign in Mt Albert. She is credited with running the “Get out the Vote” for the Indian community.

Exhibit A:

Masquerading as an ordinary Mt Albert voter from “Manukau”, she had this comment on the Mt Albert by-election.

The Waterview Motorway and Super City issues will play a vital role in the by- election. A number of Mt Albert residents are unhappy with the government’s decision to construct a combined surface tunnel through the communities to save cost.

Labour is in a strong position to retain the Mt Albert seat.

Besides, this constituency has had the benefit of strong and able representation by former prime minister Helen Clark. It is vital that the constituents bring a strong candidate who will represent them best in parliament. Labour’s David Shearer has the potential to be a good lawmaker and has experience with people.

FYI Phil Goff, a Zardozi is not a see through garment, it is an embroidery technique common in Indian fashion. More on Phil goff’s dishonesty later.