Liar, Liar, XXXL pants on fire

Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina is known to tell Pork Pies as well as eating them. NBR’s Hazel Phillips has written about Pork Chop’s lies regarding a job offer at Sunday Star Times. Seems it is all a figment of Pork Chop’s imagination like her brain tumour op at Christmas.

I too have recevied the email from the Sunday Star Times Deputy Editor which proves Pork Chop’s lies.

From: Miriyana Alexander
Date: 11 June 2009 2:30:10 PM
Subject: RE: AT ending


What I wanted to tell you is that I’ve been overseas and came back to catch up with what Rachel Glucina has been saying in my absence.

I wanted to put the record straight and tell you exactly what happened, as the version she is peddling is not correct. You may well be beyond caring (and let’s face it, this saga seems to have got ridiculously out of proportion), but suffice to say that at no point did we put an offer on the table to her.

Hope you’re well.

Best. Miri.

Miriyana Alexander Deputy Editor | Sunday Star-Times

Whoopsy….just as well she keeps telling lies other wise her nose would disappear into her cheeks. Some wag commented the other day at Back Benchers that the only reason Pork Chop went to Sydney in an A380 was because it is the only plane big enough to carry her carcass.