Living in the Cloud

I have now had the HTC Magic for three days of my two week trial. I am now also certain I’m not giving it back. The Blackberry is off and in the drawer. Plus you can take your iPhone and shove it. Now I’ll tell you why.

If you want a all features singing and dancing review of the HTC Magic then read this article at Tech Radar. It is highly accurate and boring.

The reason I want, love and shall get/keep a HTC Magic is simple and it is the reason why the iPhone barks. The Cloud.

HTC MagicAt first I was perplexed. There was no software to install for syncing. No connection to iTunes, no cables. Why? How could this be?

It wasn’t until I started using the phone that I worked out that the integration with all things Google and their cloud was just superb. Make a change online to your contacts, voila the phone is udated seamlessly. Make a change on the phone, same in reverse. In fact you are working on the same data in the same cloud, just different devices. There is no syncing because there is only one source of data.

Same for email. Read the email on the phone, it is marked as read automatically in Gmail. The only mails that get to your phone are the ones that need reading. All the tags, filters and such are retained bcause the phone is the cloud. Same goes for the calendar.

This phone is the cloud in your hand and for that reason it blows the iPhone away. No other phone right now can compete. I run all my email, calendar, tasks, 10 different email accounts all through Google. This phone extends Google right to my hand and let me tell you it doesn’t leave it now. It is way more addictive than a Blackberry and way more efficient than an iPhone.

Plus it has Open Source software. Android rocks. Thank you Vodafone for sending me the trial phone. I’m not sure you’ll get it back though.