A night of losers.

The All Blacks – Beaten by the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey’s and the ref….can’t win a war but can win a rugby game.

Melissa Lee – spiked by Labour’s 3-1 spending on buying the election, a media intent on lobbying, and a party facing their Stalingrad and so were so desperate to win they literally spent the taxpayers money to win it. Let down too by ineffectual head office support and a tits campaign team lead by Mark Thomas. It wasn’t until some sane heads arrived from Wellington that traction was gained.

Greens and Russel Norman  – Labour’s vote dropped but it didn’t go to the Greens.

Labour – votes dropped, clear that locals didn’t want the soldier of fortune candidate and so ensured a very low turnout.

Phil Goff – The move against him is in train, despite his chosen candidate winning.

Politics – The very low turnout suggests voters were revolted by the new low in New Zealand politics that Phil Goff’s pimping out of a Labour activist has brought us to.


David Shearer – but not sure what impact he will have now sitting warming a seat in opposition.