Mallard obfuscates

Rush to Mt Albert – the list growsOut-of-town Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway used a rental car to campaign in the Mt Albert byelection and says it was not paid for from his taxpayer-funded expenses. But it could have been covered by a colleague’s expenses claim. Mr… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald has another article about troughing MP’s campaigning in Mt Albert on the taxpayers tit. The most interesting comment from a troughing MP is about Trevor Mallard.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard said he made three visits to Auckland during the byelection campaign and did a lot of parliamentary business.

He used taxis and rental cars, but as Mt Albert was on the way to the airport, he did not incur any extra expense.

Really! A quick ring around the most well known cab companies would have told the repeaters from the Herald that unless you are going to Henderson, Mt Albert isn’t on the way from the Airport to anywhere! At Backbenchers I asked Trevor where he was staying and he told me in the city. So I plugged in details of Auckland Airport to Auckland City and lo and behold the quickest direct route to the City from the airport, inconveniently for Trevor, goes nowhere even remotely close to Mt Albert electorate.

I can just imagine…jump in a cab and say “City, pal, via Mt albert” The cabbie would have a grin from ear to ear, it would add about $60 to the fare. Trevor Mallard you’ve been found out.

Airport to City via Mt Albert