Massacre in Mt Albert?

Lee’s blunders hurt National in Mt Albert, poll showsThe by-election battle for Mount Albert this Saturday could have been a much closer affair than is now predicted, according to a special ONE News Colmar Brunton poll [TVNZ News Politics]

I was shocked to hear last night TVNZ describe a masscacre in Mt Albert.

My first thought was OMG! David Bain has run amok in celebration of conning the jury.

Still I think TVNZ’s poll is flawed. I can’t pinpoint why I think that but the feedback from people on the street simply doesn’t match the poll results.

Though in one respect the result isn’t surprising when you consider that Labour is throwing literally billions of dollars they don’t have at winning this seat. For them and for Phil Goff it is a must win.

Now the interesting thing about the poll is that TVNZ also included party vote stats even though that doesn’t come into play. What that says is that the people of Mt Albert, though they are supporting David Shearer personally they are more supporting National in general.

And after attending a meet the candiates meeting last night I am now left with the impression that David Shearer is the Clem Simich of the Labour Party. He is supposed to be delivering a message to Wellington that like Clem’s will never get there.

He appeared completely disinterested in all aspects of the night, at one stage when I was filming I thought he had fallen asleep, though given the poll results I think him and his flown in team think the battle is all over.