More lives taken by Silly First Name Syndrome

There seems to have been a mass outbreak of Silly First Name Syndrome related deaths. So far this week more people in new Zealand have died from related occurences than those from Swine Flu worldwide.

Two toddlers who were in the Porirua house when their mother and a teenage woman were murdered yesterday are being cared for by family.

Distraught family members sat quietly in the public gallery of Porirua District Court this morning for the brief appearance of a 28-year-old man accused of murdering Joeline Rangimaria Edmonds, 21, and Jashana Maree Robinson, 16, and breaching a protection order by physically abusing Ms Edmonds.

The unemployed Porirua man, who had his head bowed as he stood in the dock, was given interim name suppression.

There is a better than even chance that the alleged killer may also have Silly First Name Syndrome. Certainly the victims had at least one occurence, their chances were always poor of having a trouble free life. If their alleged killer also has a Silly First Name then they really had no chance of at all.