More on troughing MP's campaigning in Mt Albert

We have seen those MPs snapped troughing in Mt Albert provide us with all manner of excuses for why they were in Mt Albert.

Trevor Mallard explained to me and to others at Back Benches that he had been careful to arrange meetings “as cover” for him being in Auckland.

Then all of a sudden it hit me. Labour’s campaign slogan was “Putting Mt Albert First”.

Clearly they meant that for the whole country, putting Mt Albert first before all others. If I was a constituent from Wainuiomata and Palmerston North I’d wonder why I bothered to elect a Labour MP whose motto now seems to be putting Mt Albert first at the expense of my own electorate.

The fact that MPs seem to think that scheduling a number of meetings outsidfe of their own electorate as some sort of justification for troughing it up at the taxpayers expense shows just how arrogant and out of touch they become once elected.

This is particularly true of constituent MPs, they are elected to represent a local area and they saw fit to do exactly the opposite and put Mt Albert first above their own electorate.