Nine reasons Phil Goff shouldn't get into Sexual Harrassment counselling

DPF has nine reasons Phil Goff shouldn’t get into sexual harrassment counselling. Though he is making a better job of that than he currently is as the pro tem Leader of the Opposition.

You have to say that as a sexual harrassment advocate or advisor, Goff is not going to be your first choice in future. Look at the record:

  1. You approach him days after the alleged harrasment starts. He doesn’t even advise you to keep the messages, or make notes at the time of the phone calls.
  2. He doesn’t give you any advice on how to get the harassment to stop, Amazingly he lets you endure 100 unwelcome phone calls and text messages over three months, without telling you how to get them to stop.
  3. He waits three months until after the last message to then raise the issue.
  4. In raising the issue, he doesn’t ask for copies of any of the messages, does nothing to compile a bullet proof case. He just makes a phone call.
  5. When the other party’’s boss comes back in a week saying no action can be taken as it is denied, you accept this and do nothing.
  6. When it then goes public, he mixes up key details.
  7. He then labels the complainant as “strikingly attractive”
  8. He advises the complainant that she should bring him along as a support person to a meeting – so it is all about him, not her.
  9. He advises the complainant not to hand over the text messages, despite having complained previously they were not asked for

Whatever job Goff will be doing after politics, it won’t be as a sexual harrassment counsellor or advisor!