Not affliated with any party but happily working with Labour

Remember when Labour Party activist Rochelle Rees denied that she was involved with the Labour Party, when she tried her petty google-bomb on John Key?

Auckland computer programmer Rochelle Rees told the Herald on Sunday she emailed friends a year ago, asking them to put links on their websites to Key’s site with the word “clueless” as the link text.

“More than anything, it’s fun,” said Rees, who said she was interested in politics but not affiliated to any party.

Not only that DPF found out that despite her assurances she was not affliated to any party she was in fact on the Young Labour Executive.

Rochelle Rees is not affliated with any party but posts on David Shearers blogNow it turns out she’s had yet another conversion-of-faith. She’s got posting rights on David Shearer’s campaign website.

These people just keep re-appearing despite all their obfuscations continually working for the Labour Party. Does the Labour party not have enough activists of their own that they have to rely on workers from other parties and those who “are interested in politics but not affliated with any party”?