One Party claims no taxpayer funds for Mt Albert Campaign

Heh, these guys know how to take the piss. Timely presser leveraging off of pertinent news coverage.

For Immediate Release: Friday 19 June 2009

It would seem only one party has refused to take advantage of taxpayer funding and expense claims in the Mt Albert by-election, and that is the Christmas Party company Hampsta.

Hampsta signs appeared at election hoarding sites during the campaign period, urging people to vote for Hampsta. This prompted Auckland City Council officials to demand they be removed, trying to prevent people from having a choice.

“While we saw the lighter side of Hampsta’s election hoardings, the Council didn’t and even threatened to fine us,” said Gary Alway, General Manager of Hampsta. “Now it looks like we were the only ones that were at risk of paying for a campaign.”

He added “We can definitely assure New Zealand that Hampsta is the safest vote – and we won’t be claiming our expenses from the taxpayer!”

Hampsta is a Christmas savings alternative to the traditional hamper. Customers save through the year and then use their Hampsta card at leading retailers during the festive season.

It is the only guaranteed Christmas club ensuring customers get a Christmas – no matter what happens.

For further information contact:

Gary Alway

General Manager, Hampsta

021 398 670