Our MPs head to Britain to see how they do it

Our MPs head to Britain to see how they do itSix new New Zealand MPs are going to London for a week to study the British Parliament just as its crisis over parliamentary expenses re-ignites. The delegation will leave tomorrow for the all-expenses paid trip on the same day… [NZ Herald Politics]

This is nothing more than an outrageous junket. MPs should be in their electorates working if they want to win votes at the next election. Buggering off overseas on a junket is not going to win them any votes. Providing tangible outcomes in their communities will.

The MPs will study “aspects of parliamentary practice and procedure”, Speaker Lockwood Smith said in a statement yesterday.

Yeah I just bet these troughers will study how to implement the kind of egregious troughing British MP’s have been getting away with plus put in place innvative ways to ensure they don’t get caught.

Time for the OIA to apply to all MPs.