Own Goal by Hipkins

PM flies first class, says it’s Labour’s faultPrime Minister John Key’s first trip as Prime Minister to the Apec meeting in Peru and then to London to meet the Queen cost $96,841 – but he’s blaming part of the cost on first-class flights booked by the Labour Government. Information… [NZ Herald Politics]

Chris Hipkins has been a busy little lickspittle filing endless silly Questions to ministers in an attempt to beat up almost anything. The sad little ginga even joined in the witch-hunt on flight expenses and there he came undone exposing the extravengance of his former boss, who we have now found out liked to fly First Class.

Information provided in response to questions from Labour’s Chris Hipkins show Mr Key’s international travel from election day to May 7 totalled $148,595 for four trips.

The total bill for all ministers’ international travel over that period was $707,581. It included airfares, accommodation, other expenses and the costs of any accompanying staff, MPs or spouses.

Days after forming the new government, Mr Key flew first class last November for his first trip as Prime Minister, to the Apec meeting and then to London – a one week trip which cost $96,841.

The paper says bookings for the Prime Ministerial first class travel were made under the previous Labour administration when Helen Clark was Prime Minister “and in accordance with the standard practice of that administration.”

Bwahahahaha, own goal spectacular. Nice to know too that it was standard practice of the socialists to trough it up hugely in First Class all the while looking through the bottoms of their chardonnay glasses at the peasants who suffered high taxes to pay for it. Pigs in a Trough.