Plane chocka, Jetstar lying

Just spoke to Sonny Shaw, he is an All Blacks fan and travels to every match, as well as every Black Caps match and is a very seasoned traveller. He was also one of the few that got onto the Jetstar flight to Wellington.

He made it onto the plane and was willing to speak to the media because he reckons the people left outside got a raw deal. He stated to me that Jetstar started boarding the plane early at 3.01pm, he was surprised and quickly went through security and boarded. While he sitting their they annouced over the plane intercom that the flight was “very full”, overhead lockers full, and so could people please store things under their seat. He flight was so full that it left 20 minutes late. He did not see ANY empty seats on the plane, which would strongly suggest it was overbooked. The last person who boarded did so at 4:01pm. He suggests that if you look at the manifest that it would probably show a full plane, or at least a plane which would not have enough room to fit the stranded jetstar passengers.

Sonny also told me that he is travelling with Jetstar next week and they have already changed his flight details and schedule twice. He is currently re-evaluating his trip. Another person with whom he works was planning a wedding in Queenstown and has had their flights rescheduled more than 8 times.

There is seriously something wrong at Jetstar and they also seem unable to tell the truth. Time for the Commerce Commission to get involved I think.