Private hospitals get greater public role

Private hospitals get greater public rolePrivate hospitals are to be given a greater role in carrying out taxpayer-funded elective surgery under a Government plan to treat more patients. The aim is to get better prices by smoothing the flow of patients and increase the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Great news in Health. Tony Ryall is proving to be a very effective Health Minister who is looking for solutions rather than being doctrinaire and ideological.

If private hospitals have capacity then it makes sense to use their capacity to further reduce waiting lists for elective services.

Labour’s health spokeswoman, Ruth Dyson, said the party had never been opposed to taxpayer-funded elective surgery being done in the private sector, but “it must not undermine the public sector”.

Labour as usual are being disingenuos and economical with the truth. The specifically removed contracts for services from private hospitals under their watch purely for ideological grounds. They had nine years to sort this out, why they are even asked for comment is beyond me.