Problem with the bottle?

Andrew Williams is a Clown

Uh oh – a misspelt headline and a lengthy press release – it can only be another late night special from you know who.

Check out the angry drivel from Andwew Willyumsh – it’s just personal vitriol against Hide.

Note to Rodney Hide – you can use Section Section 254, 255 and 256 of the Local Government Act to do something about this. I would refer Minister Hide to 254 (2) C – there is a significant and identifiable deficiency in the management or decision-making processes of the local authority.

That is, sack the angry clown of campbell’s bay if he does anything obstructive towards the government, and put in a commissioner to run the North Shore until the new council comes into effect.

Memo to the clown – you should rename re-election bid from “Don’t waste the rates” to “Don’t drink the rates”.

When you can’t tell the difference between the comments of the North Shore Mayor and the whacked out protestor Penny Bright, there’s a real problem. Here’s a sample:

“It is very clear that Rodney Hide continues to peddle lies and incorrect exaggerations in an attempt to support his ultra right wing ACT Party aspirations to get rid of local government in New Zealand and privatise our water, wastewater, transport, ports, airports, and anything else he can palm off to his Epsom and Remuera business mates. This is the biggest single case of grand larceny ever experienced in New Zealand’s history with $28 billion of public assets being swallowed into this Super Council, only to then be subject to a carve up and privatisation by the Rodney Hide brigade. Aucklanders and New Zealanders need to wake up to this “white collar theft” being enacted by the Minister of Local Government and put a halt to it now.”

The “man” is a disgrace. If there was ever a reason needed other than the obvious for the Super City then it would be Andrew Williams.