Put him in a Crim Tin

Put him in a Crim Tin200kg fatty fraudster Max Heselhurst doesn’t want to go to jail. He thinks because he is a Ten Tonne Terry he shouldn’t do the time for his crime. With a body like that you would think he was a capacity planner and his body a work in proress, but no, he is just an ordinary thief and fraudster.

I reckon he is a perfect candidate for an unlined Crim Tin, otherwise known as a shipping container. make sure it get the full brunt of the sun to sweat it out of him. Bang him up in there, cut a thin hole in the wall and he can eat whatever fits through the hole, say, like say bread and water.

A low calorie intake with a high calorie work requirement always results in rapid weight-loss. It has been proven the world over. There were no fatties at Belsen.

Even Maurice Williamson knows that.

Heslehurst had been found guilty by a South Auckland jury of fleecing at least 30 victims across the North Island of $344,000.

It was reported at the time of his sentencing in May that his obesity meant other prisoners had to help with his personal hygiene when he used the toilet.

Good god, what is wrong with a good hose down with nice cold firehose in the quad if he gets a bit smelly. If he doesn’t like that then best he loses weiht quick smart.

Time for the return of hard labour especially for morbidly obese filchers of money.