Random Impertinent Questions – Mt Albert

This is a post you are yet to see from any left-wing blog about Labour’s appalling 2008 election campaign. Not one of them questioned Dear Leader, her pro-tem replacement or anyone else in the heirachy. Of course they are waxing lyrical about a victory that a monkey’s arse could have won. Here at Whale Oil Beef Hooked we know no such fear of party heirarchy and so ask the following questions.

It is now clear that the campaign was a screw up from beginning until end, and someone needs to be held to account, as well as ensuring that there is a good knowledge base built on how not to campaign. National cannot have a white wash. There is too much hand wringing and angst but not enough facing the facts. Time to face the facts.

Why didn’t National have a campaign manager planning a campaign the moment they knew clark was likely to leave? Labour did in Jenny Michie, professional, paid and there.

Why didn’t the leader or the president insist on this?

Where where the board on this? Or are they too worried about trying to lobby for President?

Who is responsible?

Why did National rely on volunteers rather than have a paid professional campaign manager for something that would obviously dominate the media for months?

Why was Melissa Lee not properly prepared for hostile audiences? Or was she and was she just inept?

Why was Melissa Lee on campus and talking to union groups? What kind of moron thought she would win votes there? Every election National candidates get invited to union meetings in the last week, and the silly ones go. They might as well self-flagellate, it would probably be more pleasant and less of a waste of time.

Why don’t they get someone independent to review the campaign, like someone from ACT who won’t care if the truth hurts?

Why did National let golden boy Jonathan Coleman get involved when it was likely to be a hiding to nothing? Ditto Tim Hurdle who did a great job with Nikki Kaye and Simon Bridges but was brought in far too late to do anything useful. Both these guys should have refused involvement, Coleman because he is a politician not a campaign manager, and Hurdle because it was not his campaign from the beginning. All they got was a hiding.

The whole campaign was not good enough, and Melissa may now need to be considering a career outside of parliament, because even her friends in caucus won’t want her anywhere near their electorates. The whole thing points to an institutional failing because the by-election was abundantly obvious for months, and National did not prepare properly.

On another note wasn’t it nice to see a candidate actually front in person to concede. Does anyone know of a Labour candidate ever conceding? Nikkie Kaye is still waiting for Judith Tizard’s concession, Sam Lotu-Iiga is still waiting for Carol Beaumont to show.