SFNS behind tenancy evictions

There is a great deal of press at the moment about some Mongrel Mob hangers on being evicted from Housing NZ tenancies in Lower Hutt.

All the news articles mention their gang connections but there is perhaps a more sinister reason they are being evicted. Perhaps it is because the neighbours have heard about the tragic consequences of Silly First Name Syndrome.

Under the photo on page A3 of the Dompost this morning was this caption;

Family stand: Community work Patria Tamaka and her father, (Mongrel Mob president) Tai Pairama, holding his 2-year-old daughter, Tia Maria Skudder Pairama, are trying to get their Housing New Zealand Corporation eviction notices overturned.

Poor wee Tia Maria Skudder – life looks pretty bleak with a name like that.