Shearer and Norman can't get their spin straight

The local rag in Mt Albert has sent some questions to the candidates and my, my aren’t the answers illuminating. The candidates were asked;

1) If elected, what will you specifically do to help those who lose their homes due to the government’s new option for the Waterview connection?

2) Do you support increasing the amount of high density housing in the electorate?

3) As the local MP, how would you work with local bodies and other agencies to help improve local amenities like the Mt Albert shops and train station?

Shearer and Norman, despite all their rhetoric over Waterview simply haven’t had the gumption to match the rhetoric with any action.

Russel Norman, Green

1) I support building lots more state houses and will pressure the government to ensure there’s other housing options available for affected residents. And we need to ensure proper compensation for those left living with a motorway in the backyard.

2) I support planned high-quality medium-density housing along transport routes, especially near the quieter electrified train line. We also need more greenspace to accompany any medium density housing projects.

3) I would stay in close contact with all the relevant agencies to ensure we get it right, that the train station and shopping centre are upgraded urgently, with better links between the platform and shops. Central government needs to stump up with funding to improve the sewage system.

David Shearer, Labour

1) I will work to make sure residents are properly consulted and compensated if their homes or livelihoods are affected; to reduce the environmental impact and disruption and increase public transport.

2) Good quality high density housing around transport hubs can create strong communities. I don’t support shabby shoe-box developments or those that destroy the character of existing neighbourhoods. I will work with communities to find housing solutions that best suit their needs.

3) We are kicking off a campaign to find out people’s priorities for improving our local shopping areas and train stations. We need to invest in our shopping centres so they become real community focal points. We need to clean up graffiti and upgrade our train stations together with commercial areas.

So the both of them have admitted finally that there is not one thing that either of them can do about Waterview and Russel Norman is so out of touch with this urban electorate he thinks he supports putting “lots more state houses” into Mt Albert. In case he hadn’t noticed there isn’t any spare residential land available for his grand plans of socialised housing.

David “Blackwater” Shearer of Baghdad also shows just how out of touch he is with the local environment. I’m not sure anyone support “shabby shoe-box developments” except well perhaps teh Labour Party that dopesn’t want a motorway that will remove “shabby shoe-box developments” otherwise known as state housing.

Only a vote for Melissa Lee will deliver Mt Albert residents a member in Government. A vote for either of the other two will be a wasted vote.