Silly First Name Syndrome Strikes in Rotorua

As you know I have been highllghting the dire consequences of Silly First Name Syndrome. A dear reader has informed me of an outbreak in Rotorua.

A five-year-old boy was made to clean toilets by a caregiver as punishment at a Child, Youth and Family-funded after-school care programme in Rotorua.

Now his mother is seeking legal advice on the punishment – dished out after the boy supposedly hit a girl in the face with a ball.

Oriwa Pehi-Livapulu said her son Noble could have become sick after the incident at the Chipmunks Centre last week.

He was only five and did not even clean the toilet at home, she said.

“My mana has been taken away from me. Noble’s spirit has been trampled on”, she told The New Zealand Herald.

She has complained to CYF, which funded the programme.

Noble has denied hitting the girl on purpose and the incident was an accident, she said.

Actually someone should tell this tart to FRO. You have to have mana in the first place for it to be taken away plus her kid sounds like a little thug.