Smacking poll in hands of mother

Smacking poll in hands of motherThe dark-haired, bespectacled woman talking forcefully across an outdoor table laden with scones, cake and drinks on Family First’s pro-smacking website does not have a bionic arm and cannot run faster than a speeding car. But Sheryl Savill is New Zealand’s $6 million woman. [Stuff Politics]

Enough already about moaning about the $9 million cost of the referendum. The referendum is mandated by law. Enough signatures were collected in the time prescribed by the law. The signatures were checked and verified as prescribed by the law and now the referendum must be held as prescribed by the law.

The cost can fairly and squarely be sheeted home to the mendacity of Helen Clark who was far too scared to hold a referendum at the time of the election. But since we are talking about cost and the supposed waste associated with it let’s look at some previous waste that the left-wing justified as entirely appropriate.

  • More than $4 million of government money has been allocated to fund “mind-boggling” doctorate research topics such as the value of children’s drawings.
  • $15.8 million per annum spent over 5 years aimed to increase energy efficiency by 20 per cent by 2012, and to increase the use of renewable energy by between 19% and 42%. But a review of the Government’s energy-efficiency strategy, released yesterday, found that the percentage of energy use coming from renewable resources was actually falling and so was cancelled.
  • In a breathtaking display of wanton spending on something just not wanted or needed by a population the government has announced it will spend $450 million on Aucklands rail network.

    As David Farrar points out that only 9000 per day use the trains and the and that amounts to $67000 per passenger.

  • Government house gets a $50 million makeoverOfficials are describing the 50 million dollar renovation of government house in Wellington as money well spent.

I am sure there are more examples. If you know of any, let me know.