So many questions about the 5th of March

Worth breaks his silence ? so does complainantNational MP Richard Worth has broken his silence and protested his innocence. His comments came as Labour leader Phil Goff tabled a statement in Parliament from the female complainant detailing the nature of text messages and telephone… [NZ Herald Politics]

So Richard Worth has professed his innocence. There are many rumours swirling around and some specifics. I have many questions. Perhaps if Dr. Worth could answer a couple of them we might get a bit closer to the truth.

  1. Did he attend the Parliamentary function to welcome the Indian Cricket Team on 5 March 2009?
  2. How much alcohol did he consume at that same function?
  3. Did he attend the farewell function the same night for the outgoing Korean Ambassador?
  4. How much alcohol did he consume at that function?
  5. Did he then attend after midnight that night a Karaoke Bar in Wellington?
  6. How much alcohol did he consume while at the Karaoke Bar?
  7. Was the complainant in attendence at any of those functions or at the Karaoke bar?
  8. Is he prepared to swear an affidavit to that effect?