Strange Signs showing up in Mt Albert

Hampsta Signs in Mt AlbertA series of orange signs have appeared in Mt Albert, some attached to candidates signs or on private fences. They appear to be from Hampsta the Christmas savings group. Sorry about the quality they were snapped witht he Blackberry as we drove past.

I rung Gary Alway from Hampsta to see if he knew anything about them and he told me that the signs are the same ones they used at the general election but which were stolen, presumably by students. They had about 9 or 10 go missing. He also told me that some busybody at the Auckland City Council has been hassling them saying they are illegal and they need to remove them. Given that they were stolen and have now reappeared Hampsta reckons the council should find something else better to do than bother them.

Anyway, it shows that humour is still alive and well even in Mt Albert.