Tattoo my Twitter name competition

From Mashable

Call me crazy, but there’s a new social media marketing campaign from A&E that’s really got me thinking about getting a tattoo of my Twitter name. Sure, the Twitter fail whale tattoo is a bit much, and the WordPress logo is definitely out there, but my personal brand has become so associated with my Twitter identity that it almost makes sense to get the new ink. And it seems I’m not alone.

A&E’s hip to this new found desire of Twitterers everywhere, and the cable network has decided to tap into this craving via their new Twitter contest and campaign that centers around promoting their series Tattoo Highway. Celebrated tattoo artist and show star Thomas Pendleton will tattoo the winner’s Twitter name free of charge, and all that’s required is a little Twitter love for the show.

Curiosity piqued? Well if you’re itching to brand your body with your Twitter name, then you need to follow Thomas Pendelton on Twitter, send an @reply to him using the hashtag #A&EWed10 with why and where you want the tattoo, and then get your friends to help your cause with more tweets. The winner will be chosen prior to this week’s episode (Wednesday at 10 in case the hashtag didn’t clue you in), and announced via Pendleton’s Twitter account.

I have entered. Please support me to get @whaleoil tattoo’d under my Whaleoil logo. Tweet this;

@ThomasPendelton #A&EWed10 We’re supporting @whaleoil