The rating nightmare

Fiona Rotheram has a post on the Independent blog at Stuff that look at Rodney Hides makeover of local government.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide is selling his local authority reform plans on the basis of keeping rates down and having more transparency and accountability in local government. While he gets a tick from some people for his proposal to cap rate increases at the rate of inflation (as opposed to 8 per cent hikes nationwide last year), others are concerned at Hide’s self-appointed redefinition of core council services.

According to the minister, transport, water services and rubbish are in; libraries, parks and the preservation of heritage are out.

Rodney is doing a good job on this and noone has recently directly asked the rate-payers of NZ if they want a bunch of minor league politicians pissing away our money on halfwit projects like art galleries, social services and other projects for the self aggrandisement of the liberal elite. That includes Rudman’s pet project the theatre, if there was a market for a theatre someone would pay for it, but there isnt so Auckland doesn’t have a theatre.

Last time there was a defacto referendum on rates was the Auckland City Council election in 2007, and the ratepayers of Auckland replaced the wasteful, looney left that frittered away millions with a great mayor and a very solid council that have halted the silly rates rises to pay for the monuments to the liberal elites stupidity.

Carry on Rodney, carry on and apply the medicine to the rest of the country.