The Repeaters all singing from Labour's songsheet

It looks like the mainstream media repeaters are all singing from Labour’s prepared songsheet this weekend. The problem for them is that they all went tp press at the same time making themselves all look like…well…repeaters.

Fran O’Sullivan, Tracy Watkins and loyal Labour mouthpiece John Armstrong are all running the ame lines; that the government isn’t controlling the media like the last government!

OK so, let’s get this straight, they want a return to the micro-managed inside snippets, approved and released by the ninth floor. They want this because…

Well they want it because they are now having to think and write for themselves and repeaters don’t like doing that especially when they can have ready made articles churned out by a bevy of taxpayer funded spin flunkies.

Which is probably why more and more people read blogs and particularly those blogs that refuse to run spin.