Time for Goff to tell the Truth

Now that Richard Worth has fallen on his sword, i think it is time to review some aspects of his resignation and also look at the role of Mr Goff in all of this. His press release is nothing like I have ever heard from Richard Worth and the feedback I have received is that neither has anyone else. If ever I get into trouble I for sure am going to hire Cedric Allen and Malcolm Boyle at Star PR.

“My conscience is clear. Those who have chosen to try to ruin my reputation should perhaps now examine theirs.”

I’ve examined my conscience, and my only regret is I didn’t get a chance to use a taser on his goolies. Richard Worth is a sanctimonious prick. He got caught with his pants down and gets all uppity about people telling the truth about him being an embarrassment to the National Party and likely to cost the party a lot of votes. National will be relieved that the quiet words being had with Richard Worth in the backroom by multiple people have paid off and Richard took heed before he had to front caucus on Tuesday.

Enough with Worth, his time is over. Phil Goff’s actions however are still under scrutiny. Contrary to Guyon Espiner’s contention, this story is not yet over. Let’s recap a little and pose some additional questions.

Dr Worth was appointed as Minister of Internal Affairs on 19 November 2008. Is it not possible that the first meeting between Neelam Choudary and Worth at Sylvia Park Cafe, which Goff was made aware of by Neelam before it took place, was set up at the request of Neelam to discuss matters relating to the immigration/passport scam charges her husband was facing in the Court? He was later convicted of fraud in December 2008.

What is an undisputed fact is that she was advised by Goff to take someone with her to the meeting with Dr Worth, so therefore she must have contacted Goff in advance about the meeting and most likely the nature of the meeting. Is it not reasonable to assume that she may have sought advice from Goff (in his role as Minister of Justice) about her husband’s plight and then been advised to see Worth as he was the incoming Minister of Internal Afairs?

However, Neelam Choudary via Goff’s reports to media, claims that Worth met with her to offer her a position on an Ethnic Affairs Board. This may well be a lie or half-truth on her part, as the real reason for the meeting may have been to discuss concerns relating to her husband – accused of an immigration scam. In effect Goff WAS THE PIMP who set up the ‘relationship’!

Dr Richard Worth is Very, VERY unlikely to have been looking to make appointments to any Boards at this time – having only just been appointed Minister. He had only recently been briefed by the relevant Departments about such Board vacancies. For example, the Deputy Chief Censor’s position which expired on 28 September 2008 was notified to him in mid-November 2008 by way of a Report to the Incoming Minister by the Department of Internal Affairs. And no process has yet been completed re: any reappointment or replacement of the incumbent Nicola McCully. Two positions on the Film and Literature Board of Review (president Ms Claudia Elliott and ordinary board member) expired on 31 March 2009 and no announcement has yet been made.

Have Neelam Choudary and Phil Goff told the truth about the purpose of the first meeting between Dr Worth and Neelam?

Then we have the discrepancy with meetings occuring after Phil Goff has alleged they ceased. My eyewitness can categorically place Richard Worth and Neelam Choudary together at Circus Circus in Mt Eden on a date well after Phil Goff said that the “unwanted” attention ceased.

The story told by Phil Goff does not resemble any of the known facts of this case other than the protaganists. The facts simple prove that Phil Goff has either been mislead or is misleading. The two positions cannot exist together.