Troughing MPs fight to shield expenses

MPs fight to shield expensesNational and Labour are believed to have discouraged Maori Party MPs from publishing their expenses, in a desperate rearguard action to stem the flow of disclosures. The 19 MPs of the Green and Act parties revealed details of their… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh just bloody typical. Troughing MPs are now balking at casting light upon their troughing.

When politicians make statements like senior government whip Chris Tremain’s then we have something to be suspicious of.

“I think there’s a consensus there that there does need to be improved transparency but in the context that the situation in New Zealand is nothing like the debacle in the UK.”;

How can we know if there isn’t transperency. Take their word for it? That’s a Tui billboard right there.

Further the article suggests that MPs will fight against retrospective disclosure of their troughing. Well, bugger me, didn’t Helen Clark and her cronies legislate retrospectively to make what was once illegal spending legal? Of course they did and now MPs are going to fight to keep us, the taxpayer, from looking over their expenses.

Time for the OIA to apply to all MPs.