TVNZ trying to silence critics

TVNZ is trying desperately to suppress a video by “geo-blocking” of Wendy Petrie caught doing a fist pump during a live cross on the Bain debacle. This is TVNZ using its privileged position as a content partner with Youtube to suppress news instead of reporting it.

Wendy herself would do well to remember a certain conversation that was had in the Green Room after my appearance on Close Up. Remember what I told you Wendy……Remember how po-faced you got when I suggested you should stop the little giggles and eye-rolling as your own litle personal editorialising of political content?

Anyway, you can’t supress the truth no matter hw ahrd TVNZ tries, so here is the video on Whaleoil. I predict that this will start appearing in more places and soon the publicity will be out of hand and mainly because of the inept way TVNZ has tried to bully bloggers and commentators.

I have news for TVNZ and it is all bad. You are owned by the taxpayers, it is your duty to report the news not make it.