What's the big deal? says Anderton

Small party funds back the big boysThe public pays $164,000 a year to Jim Anderton’s Progressive Party – which sits with Labour, speaks with Labour, votes with Labour, and now campaigns for Labour. The small party’s deputy leader has been seen out on the Mt Albert… [NZ Herald Politics]

Jim Anderton reckons it’s no big deal his rorting of additional funding under the pretense that he is the leader of a party. Yet he sits on the front bench of the opposition, he holds an opposition portfolio responsibility and as i pointed out just last week his former deputy and second spot on the list Matt Robson is wandering the streets of Mt Albert wearing Labour rosettes and holding up labour placards. Even worse is former Anderton staffer John Pagani who is described as David “Blackwater” Shearer’s strategist.

This is a party that doesn’t actually exist beyond the figment of Jim Anderton’s fervent imagination.

On that note a trawl through the archives shows also that Jim Anderton is a class A hypocrite.

NZ Herald, May 27 1999, by Vernon Small

News of the extra funding for the list MP and Mana Wahine Party leader provoked outrage yesterday among Opposition MPs, who alleged it was a jackup.

“In my view this action suggests someone who has no chance of being elected as dog-catcher … has been granted over $77,000 on an annual basis for helping to keep the Government of the day in power,” said Alliance leader Jim Anderton, from whose party Mrs Kopu defected.

Mr Anderton said he would seek a review of the funding decision, which follows official parliamentary recognition of Mana Wahine and grants the one-MP party $77,186 for research and office expenses.

…..But Mr Anderton said the funding brought the political process further into disrepute, and he would investigate ways, including a judicial review, to overturn it.

Whooops! Looks like the Whale has sent another harpoon Anderton’s way. Then just to make sure i also have dug up this little quote too.

The Press, 27 May 1999, Edition 1, on Page 1

Alliance leader Jim Anderton said the payment of extra money to Mrs Kopu was an outrage. He will write to the Parliamentary Services Commission seeking an urgent review of its decision.

He said the action of giving Mrs Kopu the money, and the way the rules had been changed to allow it to happen, “comes as close to being fairly described as corruption” as anything he had seen in his 35-year political career.

I think that just this once Jim Anderton may well be right. I think he is, as self described, corrupt.

It is way past time that MP’s funding and expenses was opened up to public scrutiny.