Whispers around Wellington

Yesterday Clare Curran twittered that she was looking forward to grilling Simon Power at the select committee. The word has it that the grilling was hardly more than a warming in front of a one bar heater and easily batted away. The feeling is that Clare Curran was using the select committee to astound everyone with the depth of her knowledge on the subject at hand and Simon Power obligingly de-powered her grilling by blowing smoke up her ass.

Also in the select committee rooms Lianne Dalziel denied two things. First that she does not read Whaleoil.co.nz, yes she mentioned it in the select committee and second that she “won’t be standing for the Christchurch mayoralty…..this term”. It seems the other MP’s do though because they were good naturedly teasing Lianne about her pending non-announcement.

More stories from the depths of Wellington will be posted as they come to hand via the Tipline.