Why hasn't David Shearer resigned?

Labour’s polling in Mt Albert isn’t giving David Shearer any sense of comfort.

Despite being parachuted in by Phil Goff just two months ago to compete for the Labour nomination for Mt Albert, Shearer’s wife and children remain in Amman, where Shearer was based as the UN coordinator for Iraq.

Shearer has not yet resigned from his UN post, but remains on leave to contest the election. He’s retained his own golden parachute back to Jordan in the event that Melissa Lee pulls of an upset win in Mount Albert.

The UN website still has Shearer listed as the Deputy Special Representative.

My information suggests he hasn’t resigned his post. He has said he wants to bring his family back to New Zealand. He won’t do that unless he gets a job as an MP.

Has David Shearer lied to the media and the people of Mt Albert when he said he had resigned his position?