Woman in Worth case accused me too, says man

Woman in Worth case accused me too, says manA prominent member of the Korean community says he was once wrongly accused of inappropriate behaviour by the Korean complainant in the Richard Worth police investigation. The man told the Weekend Herald the woman’s accusations,… [NZ Herald Politics]

Right now it is looking like Richard Worth is guilty of nothing much more than being a  dribbling begger of roots from desperate asian ladies and has had one leg over too many and finally been outed.

The problem I see though is that in his desperate attempts to get laid he offers jobs for “jobs” so to speak. That is where the significant conflicts arise and for that reason and not the rooting Richard Worth should resign as an MP.

It is totally inappropriate to be seeking favours from people let alone sexual favours on the promise of anything.

Richard Worth is a disgrace, again not for his legendary rooting but for offering something other than money for the sexual favours.

If he was a wise man he would resign and do it before the weekend is over. He is now a pariah amongst his peers.