Worth-less minister deadmeat

Minister Richard Worth stands downNational MP Richard Worth has quit as a cabinet minister, citing “personal reasons”. [Stuff Politics]

Richard Worth has resigned and tried to be cute about it saying it was for personal reason he wouldn’t be commenting.

The reality for him just hit though via a Police statement saying that they are investigating allegations against him.

Police are investigating allegations against National MP Richard Worth, who has announced his resignation as Internal Affairs Minister “for personal reasons”.

Prime Minister John Key told a media conference this morning that it was “wholly appropriate” that Dr Worth had stepped down.

“If he hadn’t resigned I would have sacked him.”

I wonder if it related to Korean interests or Indian interests? No wonder though neither he nor Key will comment on specifics now the Police are involved. At least we can be reassured that it isn’t Harry Quin looking into these matters.

This could have been handled a lot better by John Key, but the right result has almost been arrived at. All Richard Worth has to do now is resign from Parliament and then Cam Calder can be sworn in again.

This is all of course in stark contrast to the shenangins that Helen Clark and Michael Cullen went through to protect Philip Field and refreshingly different.