Worth-less stories

Police probe into Worth claim spans two citiesOfficers in Auckland and Wellington are continuing to investigate a complaint against National MP Richard Worth, police said this afternoon. The person who complained to the police about the former government minister is an Auckland… [NZ Herald Politics]

This Richard Worth saga is getting a bit silly now. Especially the silly cow that thought Phil Goff would protect her from the preying silly old goat that is Richard Worth. That story stinks almost more than Winston’s stale old scampi sandwiches.

Still Richard Worth has been touting for roots with any woman below the age of 60 and breathing and wearing a skirt. His modus operandi is clearly jobs for jobs. Silly old goat. He should just resign and disappear in ignominy.

Perhaps the funniest story though, is the mad ravings of Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina. She oinks from her blog;

Richard Worth never offered me a job. Not a sniffle of a vocation prospect. Not a shout out to come swimming. Nor a late-night phone call, or a dirty text message. He wasn’t sporting a welcome home banner at the airport from those long MTV parties I attended overseas. Hell, I never even felt his squinty eyes mentally undress me when I saw him at the many, many social functions at which our paths crossed.

There is more than one reason for Richard Worth never hitting on you. It defies belief that Pork Chop thinks anyone would be surprised by that. I dont think any man would hit on her…except perhaps the head of the Pork Board.

For a start she’s too fat for even Worth to bother, then there is the psoriasis, the scabs and the constant stuffing of food into the yawning maw of a mouth. She only posted her blog post because she is pissed off and jealous that Richard Worth sought quality PR from Malcolm Boyle and Cedric Allen at Star PR and not taudry glitteratti pap from Pink PR. With a name like Pink PR you’d think they only represent tired old homos masquerading as men about the town……oh wait!